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1 Gal. Enforcer Flea Spray For Homes

Enforcer Flea Spray For Homes. Kills fleas, ticks and many other insects. Kills flea eggs. Prevents flea infestations for up to 7 months. Contains Nylar and Permethrin. 1 Gallon.

1 Gal. Flea Spray For Homes

Prevents flea infestation for up to 7 months. Kills flea eggs. Kills feas and ticks with flea growth regulator. 1 gal.

1 Gal. Ready To Use Bug StopĀ® Home Barrier

Indoor and outdoor use. Kills on contact. Up to 12 month control for cockroaches.

1 Oz. Liquid Ant Killer

Liquid ant killer provides fast-acting elimination of the queen and entire colony. Safe for use in and around your home.

1 Qt. Repels All Animal Repellent

Repels-All Animal Repellent. Unique and exclusive all natural formula is safe to use. Repels 15 different nuisance pests through out the year. Safe for use on vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants. Made from all natural ingredients.1 qt.

16 Oz. Aerosol Spider Killer

Kills spiders, and other insects fast. Use indoors, and outdoors. Reaches spiders where they hide. Fast-acting spray that kills quickly. 15 oz.

16 Pk. Liquid Ant Bait

Designed for indoor use to control common household ant problems. 16 baitings.

17.5 Oz. Hot Shot Ant And Roach Plus Germ Killer

Kills on contact. Kills up to 12 weeks. Reduces 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia on hard, non-porous, non-food-contact surfaces. 17.5 Oz.

3 Oz. Bromethalin Place Pacs

Contains Diphacinone, a multiple-feed anticoagulant. Effectively controls rats and mice. Proven bait acceptance. The individual pacs keep bait fresher. Rodents open the pacs themselves.

3 Pk. Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger

Each can covers up to 2,000 cu. ft. Penetrates behind walls and other inaccessible places.

32 Oz. TriazicideĀ® Insect Killer Concentrate

For lawns and landscapes. Provides about 8 weeks of control. Kills above and below ground.

4 Pk. 1 Lb. All-Weather Rodent Blocks

Stable, moisture resistant formula for use indoors or outdoors.

Fly Swatters

Comes in various bright colors.

Fly Trap Attractant Refills

8 ct. 30 gram. Insecticide free.

Owl with Rotating Head

Realistic head bobs and turns freely in the breeze which repels birds and pests. Hand painted for maximum realism and effectiveness. Use in vegetable gardens, flower gardens, decks, boat docks, rafters, barns, open porches and patios.

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