Tips For Tick Prevention

Unfortunately, it’s been tick season for a few months now. But with the summer weather in full swing, the ticks are now even more plentiful than ever! Here at Rural King Supply, we want to help you be prepared to prevent tick bites that can cause you and your loved ones to contract serious diseases like Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more. This includes your furry loved ones too, who are even more susceptible to tick bites. Check out our tips below! Read More

Pellet Grills Vs. Gas Grills

Here at Rural King Supply, we often hear this question: “Which is the better type of grill: a pellet grill or a gas grill?” Well, the season is right to answer this question! Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple one. Everyone’s grilling needs are different, and both grills serve specific purposes. Below, we’ve broken the answer down into a small group of factors to help you decide which type of grill is right for you and your family. Read More