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2,000 Lb. Cequent Bulldog Tubular Swivel Topwind Jack

Topwind swivel jack with 10" travel and weld-on tubular mount. Rated for 2,000 lb. lift capacity and includes a foot plate.

10" Top Wind Trailer Jack

Max. Capacity: 2,000 Lbs. Lift Travel: 10. Length Retracted: 17.0. Jack Type: Round Tube. Jack Tube Size (Outer): 2.25 . Jack Tube Size (Inner): 2.0. Crank Type: Top wind. Mount Type: Weld on tube mount, inside. Mount Height: 11.25. Ground Support: 7.6 x 3.8 Foot plate. Grease Fitting: Yes. Weight: 12.0 Lbs.

15" Swivel Jack

5,000 lb. max. Ease of cranking. Smooth operation and handling. Certified vertical and side load capacity. Proven reliability. Options for painted or plated inner and outer tubes.

2 Ton Chain Hoist

Features a 10' lift and a 4000" weight capacity. Drop forged hooks for extreme durability.

4 x 16 Hydraulic Cylinder

Chromed, polished and individually heat-treated shaft provides extended cylinder life. Working pressure 2500 PSI and 3000 PSI.

4" x 8" Hydraulic Cylinder Without Stop

Hard chrome plated shaft. Tube is precision finished skive and burnished heavy wall steel tubing. Piston is made of ductile iron, providing a malleable bearing surface.

8 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Steel lifting saddle engineered to hold load securely. Extension screw adjusts to accommodate desired work height. Built-in bypass system protects against ram over-travel. Heat treated critical stress areas ensure long life performance. Carrying handle for user convenience. Ideal for auto, truck service, farm and shop use.

Air Hydraulic Jack

20 ton. 116-145 psi.

Side Wind Weld Collar Jack

Trailer jacks capacity: 5,000 lbs. Side wind.

Top Wind A-Frame 5000 Lb. Trailer Jack

5,000 Lbs capacity and 13-1/2" lifting height.

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