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11 Oz. Windshield Deicer

Thaws frozen door latches and removes road film. Harmless to auto paint, chrome and rubber parts. 11.5 oz.

12 Oz. Gas-Line Antifreeze

HEET contains special additives and methanol. When HEET is added to the gas tank, it sinks to the bottom and mixes with any water. Since both HEET and water are heavier than gasoline, they go to the bottom of the gas tank. HEET absorbs water and keeps it from freezing, and blocking the flow of gasoline through the gas line and fuel pump. 12 oz.

12 Oz. Gold Eagle Heet Antifreeze

Heet aids in quick cold weather starts while preventing frozen fuel lines. Removes water and condensation from fuel system. 12 oz.

12 Oz. Iso-Heat Gas Line Anti-Freeze Bottle

No.1 selling brand of premium gas-line antifreeze. Absorbs 5 times more water than regular gas dryers. Removes water from fuel system. Prevents rust and corrosion.

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