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1 Gal. Ready To Use Weed & Grass Killer

3 hour results. Rainfast in 15 min. Kills over 155 types of weeds. Use on patios, walkways and flower beds.

1 Gal. Ready to Use Weed & Grass Killer

Kills the root of bothersome weeds and grasses. Works great around trees, shrubs, in flower beds, on patios and walkways, and you can even replant flowers, trees and shrubs in the same weekend.

1.33 Gal. Ortho Weed B Gon RTU Weed Killer

Kills the root. Kills Dandelions, Clover & other Broadleaf weeds. 1.33 Gal.

16 Oz. Poison Ivy Max Concentrate

Kills woody plants and vines. Can be applied with hose-end sprayer and compressed air sprayer. Kills over 60 types of weeds. 100% root kill.

18 Lb. Easy Weeder Weed Preventer

Prevents weeds up to 3 months. The 18 lb. container covers up to 2,880 sq. ft.

2 Gal.GroundClear Concentrate

One-touch continuous spray wand with ergonomic handle, no bending, pumping or hand fatigue. Fast-acting formula provides results in hours. Application kills weeds for up to 1 year. Covers up to 400 sq. ft. 2 Gal.

2.5 Gal. RM43™ Total Vegetation Control Plus Weed Preventer Concentrate

Treats up to 43,243 sq. ft. Offers season-long control of grasses, weeds, brush, vines and trees. Kills existing vegetation as well as prevents future growth of listed species. Use only on locations where no vegetation growth is desired for up to one year.

32 Oz. 2-4-D Amine Concentrate

Controls existing weeds, brush and over 150 listed weeds. Concentrate mixes with water, can be used on ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

32 Oz. Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer

Formulated to target more than 250 tough weed types down to the root, including dandelion, yellow nuts edge, chickweed, and clover, without harming lawn grasses.

32 oz. Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate

Visible results as fast as 3 hours, rainfast in 15 minutes, for use on patios, walkways and flower beds.

6 Lb. Easy Weeder Weed Preventer

Ideal for flowers, trees, and shrubs. Prevents weeds all season.

64 Oz. Ragan & Massey Brushtox Brush Killer

For basal bark treatment of mesquite. Cut stump treatment to control re-spouting of freshly cut stumps. Basal bark treatment for the control of susceptible woody plants. Contains 61.6% triclopyr.

RM43 Total Vegetation Killer

1 gallon concentrate

1.33 Gal. Roundup Ready-To-Use Extended Control Weed & Grass Killer Plus Weed Preventer II With Pump 'N Go 2 Sprayer

Ready to use with Pump 'N Go 2 sprayer. Dual-action formula kills existing weeds and prevents new ones from growing for up to 4 months. Kills weeds to the root.

Spectracide Weed Killer Plus OR Weed & Grass Killer

Ready-to-use. Kills yellow nutsedge. See results in 5 hours. Kills over 470 weed types as listed, including crabgrass. Kills the root. Won't harm lawns when used as directed.

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