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1 Fl. Oz. Special Golden Estrus

Extra fresh and premium natural whitetail doe urine with estrus secretions. 4 oz.

1 Gal. Deer Co Cain Liquid

A beneficial mineral supplement that attracts deer by releasing a mineral vapor trail. After initial application, moisture will cause these minerals to keep reacting and attracting deer. 1 gal.

1 Oz #69 Doe-In-Rut Buck Lure

The original Doe-In-Rut Buck Lure. Tink's #69 Doe-In-Rut Buck Lure is a blend of 100% natural aged doe estrous urine which is specially formulated to keep product at the peak level of performance. 1 oz.

1 Oz. Doe Estrous Whitetail

Doe Estrous is urine taken from a single doe in heat for "true to life" effectiveness. Marked with deer's registration number. Ideal usage during whitetail rut. 1 oz.

1 Oz. Wildlife Research Special Golden Estrus

Extra fresh and premium natural whitetail doe urine with estrus secretions. 1 oz.

10 Lb. Winter PZ Peas & Oats Bonus Mix

A blend of forage winter peas, forage oats, clover and triticale to provide deer with highly palatable forage that provides loads of nutrition. This bag will seed approximately 1/4 acre. 10 lb.

12 Lb. Redmond Minerals Trophy Rock

Contains over 60 beneficial trace minerals to improve antler development and overall herd health, and is safe for all wildlife year round. 12 lb.

12 Oz. Scent Killer Gold Body Wash & Shampoo

Powerful anti-odor formula. Deep cleaning lather with moisturizing Aloe. 12 oz.

16 Oz. Unscented Body & Hair Soap

Enzyme-based formula won’t irritate your skin. Removes human, residual and contact odors. Continues to fight odors after your shower. 16 oz.

18 Oz. Scent Killer Autumn Formula Liquid Clothing Wash

Special H-E_ formulation is compatible with both Standard and High Efficiency washing machines. Washes away odors and adds a light smell of Leaves and Dirt. Contains no undesirable UV brighteners. 18 oz.

18 Oz. Scent Killer Liquid Clothing Wash

Compatible with both Standard and High Efficiency washing machines. Formula cleans clothing and attacks odors. Contains no UV Brighteners. 18 oz.

2 Oz. Premium Hot Doe Estrous

Collected during the rut. Bonus dip wick included.

2 Oz. Scent Doe Urine

No flavorings or food byproducts.

2 Oz. Triple Buck-N-Does Combo

Early-Season UseEarly season offers great opportunities to harvest both does and bucks. Moving stands and scouting are important tactics that help locate and pattern deer movement, but both leave a lot of human scent on the ground. Using Doe Urine as a cover scent provides great protection during those high-temperature days. Use it on scent pads, drags or directly on the soles of your boots when setting up your stands or scouting.Mid- And Late-Season UseMid season is marked with signs of pre-rut activity as bucks begin to claim their territory with scrapes and rubs. During mid season Buck Urine should be poured in active scrapes to present the challenge of an intruder. Dominant bucks intent on protecting the territory will seek out the new competition.

24 Oz. Evolve 3D Odor Spray

Advanced enzyme technology to eliminate an unmatched broad spectrum of odors.

24 Oz. Scent Killer

Odorless Formula kills human odor on contact even after drying! Found to be over 99% effective at stopping replicated human odor in testing at Rutgers University. 24 oz.

24 Oz. Scent Killer® Gold™ Clothing Spray

Works both wet and dry. Scientifically formulated to last longer. Attacks a wide range of odors and at the same time, helps prevent new odors from forming. 24 oz.

24 Oz. Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Gold Autumn Formula

Maximum performance after it dries. Clothing spray is 99% effective 10 days after drying. Subtle scent of the woods and forest. 24 oz.

3 Oz. Hot Shot #69 Doe-In-Rut

Only 100% Pure Urine is dispensed. Quieter spray wont spook deer. Consistent spray without spitting. Sprays at any angle, even upside down. Powerful fine mist for long range attraction. 3 fl. oz.

3 Pk. Code Red® Doe Estrous

Pure, premium doe urine collected during the estrous cycle.

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