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16-Oz. Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer

Keeps stored fuel fresh for quick, easy starts.

5 Gal. Midwest Can Gas Can

5 gallon gas can with 2 handles. Wider base and lower center of gravity. Spouts close automatically with an airtight seal. 5 gal.

5 Gal. No-Spill Gas Can

Features professional-quality push-button pour control that makes it fast and easy to fill your gas tank without spilling a drop. 5 gal.

5-Gallon Eagle Metal Gas Can

5-gallon metal gas can. Meet OSHA, NFPA code 30 requirements, FM, UL and ULC approved. Non-sparking flame arrestor and brass pour spout. Patented comfort grip trigger release. Red painted galvanized steel.

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