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5 Lb. EZ Slide Graphite Powder

Seed-flow lubricant with no build-up. Reduces wear on planter plates. 40 lb.

5 Lb. VanSickle EZ-Slide Graphite Powder

Graphite coating is designed for any farm, home or industrial applications where a smooth, low-friction coating is needed. 5 lb.

7 Lb. EZ-Slide Talc Lubricant

Maximizes yield and profit by increasing plant population per acre. Reduces moisture generated by vacuum planters. Helps prevent "bridging" of seeds in planter by reducing moisture. 7 lb.

8 LB. EZ-Slide Talc/Graphite Blend

Increases planting efficiency and maximizes yield per acre. Use in both "gravity flow" and "air" planters. 8 lb.

16 Oz. EZ-Slide® Graphite Powder

Helps prevent “bridging” of seeds in the planter. Helps seed flow smoothly and evenly through high-speed planters.

Heavy Duty Pistol Grease Gun

Heavy duty pistol grease gun. Easy to use. 18” flexible hose.

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