1.2 Gal. Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer

Prevents water damage. Beads and waterproofs a variety of surfaces. Works on masonry, brick, concrete, decks, fences, etc. Exterior use only. 1.2 gal.

Additional Information
An excellent clear waterproofing sealer when applied directly from can to multi surfaces. Eliminates chipping and spalling. Contains no silicones, consists of several organic and inorganic solids that are carried beneath the surface by an aromatic solvent. Solids expand and literally cork up pores of material being treated. Prevents water damage on decks, fences, brick patio, cement driveway, and other exterior surfaces. Covers approximately 100 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft. per gallon.VOC compliant in most areas. Refer to SKU 782763 for spray. 1.2 gal.