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13 Gal. Kitchen Trash Bags

Made from recycled material. White bags with ties included.

20 Ct. 55 Gal. Big R Drum Liner

Drum liners made with recycled material. 20 ct. 55 gal.

32 Gal. Blow Molded Trash Can

Blow mold. Snap tight lid. Made of recycled materials with a rugged / durable construction.UV stabilized to prevent sun damage. Available in custom colors upon request. 32 gal.

32 Gal. Semco Garbage Can

Sturdy grab-through handles are easy to grip for lifting. Snap-tight lid. 32 gal.

42 Gal. Big R Trash Bag

42 Gal. Big R Trash Bags

50 Ct. Big R Trash Bags

Big R ranch style tough trash bags. 50 ct., 40 gal.

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