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4" Animal Guard

A 4" Finger-Style Metal guard to keep animals out of drainage systems. All guards are easy to install.

40 LB. Premium Rabbit Pellets

Balanced protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals help animals achieve maximum growth and quality fur production. Provides proper energy levels to act as an excellent feed for breeding rabbits. Convenience of a complete feed for your rabbits. Firm, cohesive pellets help control dust and mess. 40 lb.

25 Lb. Rabbit Pellets

Natural nutrition, ideal for smaller breeds of rabbits. Balanced protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals rabbits need to thrive. Added prebiotics and probiotics keep rabbits on feed and support digestive health. 40 lb.

50 Lb. Country Companion Goat Feed

Country Companion's Textured Goat Feed is designed to be fed to starting, growing, breeding, and lactating goats. 50 lb.

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