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12 Ga. 3" Hybred-Elite™ Sabot Slug

This Hybred Elite sabot slug round from Lightfield has an extensive list of features that make it an excellent choice for hunting deer or other medium to large game. This example, in 12 gauge, has a 3" shell loaded with a 1-1/4 Oz saboted slug which it fires at 1730 fps. 

17" x 17" 10 Ring Paper Target

40 cm Traditional 10-Ring Paper Target. Used mostly for archery. Also works well as a rifle or air gun target. 17" x 17", note pad style. 100 pack.

20 Ct. Remington .223 Remington Rifle Ammunition

.223 Remington caliber. Jacketed pointed soft point. 55 grain bullet weight. Copper jacket. Lead core material. Brass casing.

20 Rd. 308 Caliber Centerfire Rifle Shells

Aguila 7.62x51mm Nato FMJ BT 150 Grain 20 Round Box - Brass Cased, Non Corrosive, Boat Tail Bullet, Reloadable.

20 Rd. Tulammo™ .223 Rem Ammo

Non-corrosive, with smooth-cycling, and they have polymer coated steel cases. 20 rd.

30-06 Outdoors Mustang Sally Release

Precision trigger. Adjustable length web stem. Swivel head design for right or left hand. Adjustable Band. High impact.3

36 Gun With Swingout Strongbox Safe

1200ºF / 60 minute fire rating, plush adjustable interior, welded body, drill-resistant armor.

38 Special Pistol Ammo

50 rounds. 132 gr. Full metal jacket.

4 Pack 1/2 Lb. Exploding Targets

These targets are perfect for long range shooting. 4 pk.

40 Rd. 7.62 x 39MM Ammo

Bi-metal bullet. Full Metal Jacket. 122 Grain. Steel case with polymer coating. Non reloadable. Non corrosive. Muzzle velocity: 2396 fps. 40 Rounds per box.

40 Smith & Wesson Ammo FP

50 rounds. 180 gr. Full metal jacket.

41" Deluxe Tactical Gun Case

Tactical rifle 5 clip pocket 9" x 2.5". Storage pouch 16" x 8". Full zipper scope height 11.5". Includes adjustable shoulder strap.

46" Shotgun Case

Choose from black or green.

48" Grovtec Premium Padded Nylon Rifle Sling

Even under the most demanding conditions and rigorous use, their materials and construction will accept every challenge, delivering both exceptional comfort and durability.48".

48" Grovtec Utility Sling

GT™ Utility Slings are exactly that; utilitarian. Inexpensive, easy to fit on any firearm and easy to adjust, our utility slings make it easy for you to carry your firearm simply.

50 Count Magtech .38 Special Ammunition

.38 special caliber. Full metal jacket flat nose. 158 grain bullet weight. Brass casing. 50 Ct.

50 Rd. 380 Auto Rifle Shells

.380 ACP. 95 grain full metal jacket bullet. Reloadable brass case. Non corrosive.

50 Rd. 40 S&W Ammo

.40 Smith & Wesson. 180 Grain Full Metal Jacket. Brass Cased. Reloadable. 1050 fps muzzle velocity. Used for target shooting, training, and plinking.

50 Rd. 45 Auto Ammo

230 grain Full Metal Jacket. 830 fps Speed. Reloadable Brass. 45 ACP, 45 Automatic. 50 Round Box.

50 Rd. 9MM Luger Ammo

9mm Luger caliber. 115 Grains bullet weight. Full metal jacket bullet style. Brass case.

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