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1" x 12' Fuel Hose

For use with electric pumps. Features a neoprene exterior, and a Nitrile inner tube. 1" x 12'

12 Volt Tuthill Fill-Rite DC Pump 15 GPM

Heavy duty cast iron construction. 12' hose with static ground wire and manual nozzle. Compatible with diesel, gasoline, kerosene, E15, biodiesel up to B20. 15 GPM. 12 volt.

16-Oz. Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer

Keeps stored fuel fresh for quick, easy starts.

5 Gal. Midwest Can Gas Can

5 gallon gas can with 2 handles. Wider base and lower center of gravity. Spouts close automatically with an airtight seal. 5 gal.

5 Gal. No-Spill Gas Can

Features professional-quality push-button pour control that makes it fast and easy to fill your gas tank without spilling a drop. 5 gal.

5-Gallon Eagle Metal Gas Can

5-gallon metal gas can. Meet OSHA, NFPA code 30 requirements, FM, UL and ULC approved. Non-sparking flame arrestor and brass pour spout. Patented comfort grip trigger release. Red painted galvanized steel.

8 Oz. Enzyme Fuel Treatment

For all gas engines. Treats up to 48 gal. of gas. Cures and prevents ethanol problems.

EZ Pour Gas Can Spout

Combined Mfg EZ Pour Spout Replacement Kit. Converts the new hard to use gas can spouts back to the old style. Spout and cap. Second cap for spout or can vent. 1/2 replacement push in vent. NOW including a second base cap to fit more cans and a flame arrester screen.

Fill-Rite 1" x 14' Fuel Transfer Hose

Reinforced rubber. Made for dispensing gasoline, diesel, kerosene and most petroleum based products.

Fuel Filter

Briggs & StrattonĀ® part #691035. Typically used for lawn tractor engines with a fuel pump.

Spout Replacement Kit

For gas, diesel and water cans. Youll be able to pour fluid easily from your gas and water cans.

6 Gal. Marine Fuel Tank

Non-gauged. High-flow fuel cap exceeds OEM requirements and reduces wear on fuel pumps. Designed for use in all small engine applications and will provide leak-free performance. Automotive grade multi-layer tank material prevents the evaporation of gasoline saving gas and money.

7 Qt. Drain Pan

Low profile, multi - purpose pan, for draining oil, washing parts, feeding animals, as a wash tub, etc. 4" x 15" x 15". 7qt.

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