The Lindy Watsit Jig comes pre-rigged on a color matched top quality Lindy Jig head and is available in 4 different jig head sizes. The 1/16oz Watsit jig comes with the 1-3/4” Watsit grub. The 1/8oz and 3/16oz size Watsit jigs come with the 2” Watsit Grub, and the 1/4oz Watsit jig is rigged with the 2” Fat Watsit grub. 2 jigs per pack.

Additional Information
The Lindy Watsit Jig matches the profile of a number of different species of prey that fish are always after. Four sizes and 18 colors make the Watsit an all-around producer for walleye, trout, bass, stripe, northern pike, salmon, perch, crappie and panfish. It is the one grub that covers all of the bases.