Compact Powerhouse Water Pressure Washer

3000 PSI. Features a Honda GC190 engine, quick connect high pressure hose and pneumatics tires with metal wheel rims.

Additional Information
The G 3025 OHC is a compact powerhouse that generats 3000 PSI, more than 60X as much pressure as a typical garden hose. An uncluttered design with easy access to the engine and pump offers unrivaled ease of use. With a durable frame, chip-resistant black finish, 10” pneumatic tires with metal wheel rims, the G 3025 OHC is a dedicated work horse. The commercial grade pump is designed with a solid brass head, non-corrosive tempered hardened steel pistons, and a patented swash plate which produces less vibration which in turn can prolong the life of the motor. All Kärcher gas pressure washers come equipped with the ONLY self-priming pump in the industry that can siphon from standing water or collected water source. Now equipped with a quick connect high pressure hose for fast and easy start up and shut down.