1 Gal. Peanut Blend Frying Oil

Naturally cholesterol free. Works great for stir fry or in the deep fryer.

Additional Information
The Cajun Injector Peanut Blend Frying Oil is a great choice for all your frying needs. Made of 100% pure refined peanut oil blended with corn or soybean oil, this all purpose frying oil is great for deep frying turkey, seafood, chicken, vegetables, and much more. Naturally cholesterol free with 0 grams of trans fat per serving, this oil is great in the deep fryer or in a pan for a stir-fry dish and works great for salads and baking as well. Handy three gallon size is the recommended amount for large 28-30 quart capacity fryers. One gallon size works great for small indoor fryers and topping off larger outdoor fryers