16 Oz. Cajun Injector Teriyaki & Honey Marinade

Straight off the Orient Express, our Teriyaki-Honey flavor brings the distinctive taste of the Far East right to your kitchen. Great for beef, pork, chicken, & turkey. A spicy-sweet delicious combination that has a billion Chinese asking for seconds. 16 oz.

Additional Information
Cajun Injector’s Teriyaki and Honey Marinade is a wonderful marinade for all sorts of great, tasty dishes. Some great teriyaki and honey dishes that we have tried are teriyaki chicken, teriyaki steak and even teriyaki salmon. (Our kids loved the teriyaki salmon.) Just inject your meat with your teriyaki and honey marinade and bake or grill. The sweetness of this marinade does not overpower the food. 16 oz.