6 Pk. Green Nitrile Latex Free Disposable Gloves

Ammex Gloveworks HD nitrile disposable gloves, now in peggable 6-packs, are the Perfect Project Pack for retail sales! Their raised diamond texture provides 60% more surface area for an unbeatable grip. Strong and durable. High-visibility green really stands out. One size fits most. 6 pk.

Additional Information
These 8-mil premium gloves, which also come in 8-mil orange and 6-mil black, feature a raised diamond texture that gives them an unbeatable grip. By far our most aggressive texture, it has 60 percent more surface area to channel away liquids, so even when the gloves are wet you can still hold on tight. Gloveworks HD gloves have reverse texture on the inside, too, which helps keep air circulating so hands stay drier. They’re three times more resistant to rips, tears, and punctures than latex. Durable and strong, they provide extra protection from grease, gasoline, pesticides, cleaning solutions, and a long list of specialty chemicals. 6 pk.