April, 2015

Secrets For A Successful Spring Garden

Gardening fever has hit! There are few of us who, when spring hits, aren't inspired to go and grow something. What often starts as a hobby of growing a flower or vegetable garden, turns into a lifetime of enjoyment. But sometimes it can end in disappointment by the time the first part of summer rolls around, and thinking you have a green thumb just turned into a brown thumb. This couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is, all of us have green thumbs! The difference between good and bad gardeners usually comes down to understanding the horticultural basics and committing to putting into practice what you learn. The following are some tips to guide you away from the pitfalls gardeners often face. It's like the wisdom your parents would pass on...basically common sense but often overlooked. Let's make this year's garden be the best yet!




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