Expert Boating Safety Tips

It’s finally May, and the time is right to get back out on the water! Whether you’re an avid fisher, or just looking for a great pastime for Memorial Day weekend, boating on the lake is loads of fun. However, there are a lot of safety considerations to take into account before your next excursion. Are you prepared?

One of the most important things you should keep in mind when planning your trip is the weather conditions. Sometimes, it’s best to only make big plans a day or two in advance, since weather can change at the flip of a dime! A wonderful day on the lake can instantly be ruined if a sudden thunderstorm or pouring rain rolls through, especially if it’s followed by a cold front!

Life Jackets
Make sure to bring an adequate amount of life jackets for everyone on the boat. Ensure they are tested before use, so you know they work properly! If you are planning on going alone, bring an extra life jacket just in case!

First Aid Kit
Anything can happen out on the water, so it’s best practice to include a basic first aid kit in your boat with you.

Distress Signals & Sound Makers
Boating accidents are pretty rare, but it helps to be prepared for the off-chance they do occur. Flares may not be very helpful on a remote lake, but an air or fog horn that can carry sound a long way may make the difference of finding help in a dangerous situation.

Let Someone Know
If you’re planning on fishing or boating alone, make sure that one or two people know when and where you will be on the lake. That way if you are gone for longer than expected, they can take steps to locate you or find help. If you are taking a group of people out on the water, make sure that at least one of your guests is knowledgeable enough to operate the boat in case of emergency.

You can find so many more important tips and pointers at the website for the American Boating Association. Most people will never encounter a life-threatening situation in our neck of the woods, but we want to help keep you ready just in case! Stop in to your local Rural King Supply store today to pick up life jackets, batteries, and more for your boat!