Car Emergency Kit Essential Items

Now that the coldest time of year is here, car emergencies are more dangerous than ever. Are you prepared for the worst? Below are some of the most essential tools and items you should have in your car if it break downs on a cold, wintery night.

1. For when your car is stuck in snow, invest in an extra, cheap pair of floor mats. If you place the mats directly in front of your tires, they should help get your car dislodged from the snow.

2. It’s extra important to keep your phone charged in case of emergency. Try to keep an extra external power source handy in your glove compartment during the winter time to make sure you always have enough juice to make an emergency call. This tip can also apply to any other season!

3. A couple of blankets can never hurt. Especially if you have leather seats, an extra blanket between you and it as well as on top of you could make a big difference in keeping you as warm as possible.

4. Keeping a small shovel in your trunk can help if you are ever stuck in a freak snow storm. If the floor mats don’t work, the shovel can help you push away accumulated snow from around your tires and car.

5. Extra sets of gloves and hats can be helpful on particularly cold nights. If you happen to be making a long trip during a time when snow is forecasted, it will never hurt to pack a little extra into your emergency kit.

6. A brush or ice scraper can be a life saver if you’re stuck for a long period of time when it’s snowing. It’s common safety to make sure you brush all of the snow and ice off your car windows before you drive.

7. Should the worst come to pass, storing a couple of flares in your car is a good idea if you are stuck on a lightly travelled road on a snowy night. They can signal cars to your presence, which can at least help them not hit you as they’re passing by! At best, someone will pull over and see if they can assist you.

8. Of course, jumper cables are pretty important too! If your battery is dead, this is essential for being sidelined as short as possible. The best part is this emergency tool works for year-round emergencies!

It is so important to be prepared for potentially deadly winter driving situations. Let us at Rural King Supply help you avert disaster and stop in today for your car emergency kit! Stop in today and ask one of our associates how we can help you prepare. We carry other helpful automotive products such as Fix-a-Flat, air compressors, batteries, windshield de-icer, fuel line de-icers and more!