Expert Tips to Keep The Pests At Bay

Pest troubles can be some of the worst come spring and summer time. One day your home is all to yourself, your family and pets. The next, you could wake up to a piece of food accidentally dropped on the floor covered in ants that just won't go away once they're inside. Luckily, we at Rural King Supply carry everything you need to prevent or end situations like that, but we also have some great tips for you to follow!

Maintain Your Roof, Gutters, and Downspouts. A place that some people may not think about pests using to get inside your home could be cracks and holes in your roof. Make sure to give these areas at least one inspection every year to check for damaged areas. Also, you should make sure to prune down your far-reaching bushes and tree branches from your roof to prevent giving pests easy access to your roof.

Pay Attention To How You Stack Wood. Try to not stack your wood against the side of your home or any other buildings you don't want pests to get into. Doing so could give pests, especially termites, a doorway or invitation into your home.

Eliminate Standing Water. Mosquitos may be the most annoying and potentially deadly pests in the world. Large amounts of standing water in unused planters, boxes, pots, etc, are perfect breeding grounds for them. When it's been extra rainy, make sure you're dumping anything that could collect water. You may even want to invest in a small water pump that could eliminate excess water from ponds and puddles that don't normally form.

Make Sure To Keep Your Kitchen Clean. As we all know, food left out is a major attractant of ants, mice and rats. Make sure you clean your tables and counters after each meal you prepare, and give your sink and disposal at least a weekly cleaning.

Control How You Offer Your Pet Food. If you feed your pets primarily outside, make sure you only feed them at certain times of day when you know they're likely to eat every last morsel. If they are an indoor pet it isn't as much of a concern, but if you are noticing bugs and other pests in your pet's indoor food, you may want to start withholding food until certain feeding times.

Of course, sometimes pests are just going to happen despite precautions taken. For those times, we have all the products you need from trusted brands like Ortho, Spectracide, Bonide and Revenge. Whether your pest problem ranges from ants, to mice, to termites, we have what you need to fight the pests here at Rural King Supply! Call us or stop in today for assistance in picking out the best product for you!