Tips to Care For Your Pool

Summer is always a nice change from the cold winds of winter and the damp overcast days of spring, but it will soon become hot and muggy. Friends and family now look to their pool owner kin for relief. Here are some tips to keep your pool clear, clean, and your guests happy.


Chlorine is essential in order to break down bacteria and to sanitize the pool water; they are available as tablets, skimmer sticks, liquid, and granules. For hot-tubs and spas it is better to use bromine instead of chlorine. Bromine eliminates bacteria the same as chlorine, but works better in hot water.

Shock treatments should be added regularly to keep the water clear and clean. Shocking will remove waste added from the environment and swimmers, which can cause algae and cloudy water.

Algaecides can be an added precaution to prevent algae from starting to grow. It is recommended to add algaecide after every shock treatment.



Sand filters are tanks that are filled with sand; they last longer than other types and require low maintenance. After several years it is best to refill the sand, but you should backwash the filter regularly.

Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters clean out the most dirt and small debris, but are more expensive to maintain and needs backwashing as well.

Cartridge filters are tossed out and replaced which eliminates cleaning them; however, this also adds to their cost.


Common Practices

You should run your pump about 8 hours a day to keep the water circulating and skim the surface of the water, with a skimmer net, as a preemptive strike to remove any floating debris before it goes into the filter.

Now you know the basics of keeping your pool clean and inviting to your swimmers. How you deal with the increased knocks on the door by people in floaties, goggles, and snorkels is up to you.