Electrical Safety Month

May is national electrical safety month. Electricity is essential in almost every aspect of our daily lives from work to home. Raising awareness and learning about the hazards of electricity can prevent fires, injuries, fatalities and property damage, while allowing us to enjoy the many benefits that electricity provides.

Safety Tips
Replace damaged extension cords and wires.
Do not have too many plugs in the same outlet.
Keep electric appliances and tools away from water.
Turn the power off at the breaker before working on anything electrical.
Use surge protectors and GFCI outlets that will cut off electrical currents in case of a fault. This will not only save the devices plugged in but also prevent fires, burns and electrical shock.
Use plastic outlet caps if you have small children in the house.
Have a fire extinguisher with a "C" rating on hand. The "C" represents that the extinguisher is suitable for electrical fires. Some extinguishers are multipurpose with other ratings besides "C".
Keep your smoke detectors up to date and change the batteries when needed.

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