Keep Your Chickens Safe From Predators

Chick Days are upon us again! We at Rural King Supply love this time of year because with it comes warmer weather, longer days and SPRING!!!

The last thing you want to do is lose your chickens after investing so much time into their well-being. Follow these tips to protect your chickens from predators!


Lock Them Up

Lock your hens up at night! Make sure to use a lock that isn’t easily opened. Raccoons are very intelligent and can easily open simple locks. Using something like a carabiner is ideal because it requires opposable thumbs to open.

Bury Your Chicken Wire

When building coops and enclosures, remember predators will attempt to dig underneath any fences. Burying your chicken wire at least 2 feet deep will ensure no predators can get access to your chickens from underground.

Cover The Coop

Covering your coop or enclosures can save your chickens from an airborne attack by a winged predator. Simply covering the coop with chicken wire would suffice, giving the chickens room to visibility to the outside world while still protecting them.


As your local farm store, we want to ensure that your animals are kept safe, healthy and happy. We carry all of the above-mentioned products needed to protect your chicks and chickens, so stop in today and let us help you pick out what you need!