Walk Behind Field And Brush Mower

16.5 HP Pro, Self-Propelled. Step up to this model for the ability to take down tough grass up to 6-feet high, plus 2-1/2" thick saplings. Go anywhere with 4 forward speeds (1 reverse) and lockable differential. 26" cut.

Additional Information
Designed for serious users with large properties, the 16.5 HP Pro Model is capable of operating for hours on end in the toughest terrain including heavy brush and undergrowth up to 8-feet tall. It will flatten 2-1/2 inch thick saplings and 6-foot high grass and 8-foot high weeds and brush without bogging down. Full pressure oil pump makes it a great choice for mowing on up-to-20 degree slopes. Pivoting deck hugs the ground, minimizing scalping and improving traction by keeping the machine weight over the drive wheels.