Men's Muckmaster Gold Boots

Waterproof 5mm CR Flex-Foam booties. Four-way-stretch fit for all-day comfort. 2mm thermal foam underlays for added warmth. EVA molded midsoles for cradled, cushioned comfort. Rugged, aggressive MS-I molded outsoles.

Additional Information
Premium Muck Boot comfort in durable, commercial-grade work boots. 5mm CR Flex-Foam booties with extended nylon overlays offer 100% waterproof performance, superior flexibility and a four-way-stretch fit for all-day comfort. Stretch-fit top bindings seal in warmth and block cold. 2mm thermal foam underlays in the instep area for added warmth. EVA molded midsoles with countered internal footbeds cradle your feet in shock-absorbing comfort. Wrap-up bumpers and extended rubber overlays for additional protection. Reinforced Achilles areas for kick-off convenience. MS-I molded outsoles are rugged, aggressive and durable for maximum protection and stability. Imported.