16 Oz. Trimec Nutsedge Plus

Kills yellow nutsedge and 200+ broadleaf weeds. Treats northern and southern grasses. Kills Yellow Nutsedge in northern & southern grasses. Kills 200+ Broadleaf Weeds including poison ivy & poison oak. Spot Treatments: Mix 1.25 fl. oz. of concentrate in one gallon of water. One pint treats up to 6,400 sq. ft. of southern grasses or 3,400 sp. ft. of northern grasses. 16 oz.

Additional Information
Gordon's, PT, Concentrate, Trimec Nutsedge + Lawn Weed Killer, Kills Yellow Nutsedge In Northern & Southern Grasses, Kills 200+ Broadleaf Weeds Including Poison Ivy & Poison Oak. 16 oz.