48" Pull Behind Power Grader

48" Driveway Grader (12 Teeth). Our narrower model Power Grader uses 12 carbide-tipped teeth to loosen and redistribute compacted materials on your unpaved roads. Remote control regulates depth. Tow behind yourATV or compact tractor. Far easier to use and more effective than a box scraper. Recommended towing vehicles: Lawn/garden tractor with a minimum of 14 HP and/or 500 lbs.; utility tractor; ATV.

Additional Information
For most homeowners, our original 48"-wide model is ideal. With 12 carbide-tipped scarifying teeth, this model loosens hard-packed dirt and gravel to remove bumps and washboard and fill in potholes. The rear leveling blade then spreads the loosened material. An actuator, operated by remote control from the driver's seat on the towing vehicle, allows you to regulate how deeply the grading teeth penetrate. The result is a smooth driveway that's easier to drive on and easier on your car or truck. Note: Remote Control may ship separately