204 Pc. Combination Drill And Bits Set

Comprehensive range of drilling and screwdriving bits. Including maisonary drills, wood drills, titanium coated high speed steel drills, hole saws, long reach drill bits, and screwdriving bits in a folding blow moulded storage case.42-pc. high-speed steel twist drill bits51-pc. titanium-coated high speed drill bits10-pc. nutdrivers20-pc. 2 in. screwdriver bits27-pc. 1 in. CRV screwdriver bits3-pc. pilot drill bits with hex14-pc. masonry drill bits4-pc. nail pouch3-pc. drill stoppersWeight: Approximately:10 pounds

Additional Information
High speed steel drill bits are used for drilling in wood, plastic and metal. Masonry drill bits are used for drilling in concrete, cinder block and brick. Brad point drill bits are used for precision drillling in wood. Spade bits are used for drilling large holes in wood. Use the magnetic bit holder with the 1" insert bits to make driving screws easier. Place 2" screw power bits directly into your chuck for driving screws. Nut drivers are ideal for fast driving of nuts, bolts, and hex head screws.