Best Practices To Care For Chicken Eggs

Chick days are back! We already wrote about how to care for your new chicks, but what about the main reason many people raise their own chickens? It may not seem that complicated to collect eggs from your layers, but there is an art to it! Below we list a number of expert tips to get the best out of your egg collecting, and avoid creating extra work for yourself!

One of the most important things about saving yourself extra work when collecting eggs is to collect early and often! It’s even recommended to collect eggs from the nests twice a day, especially in winter when your hens are less likely to want to go outside of the coop. Ultimately, the sooner you collect, the smaller the chances that the eggs get soiled or broken by a bored chicken. On the plus side, if you find one of your eggs has been soiled, we carry egg cleansing wipes by Manna Pro!

The next most important practice is to keep the nest clean! If you notice any soiled bedding or straw, clean and replace it as soon as possible. The cleanliness encourages your layers to continue to lay more eggs in the nest when they’re ready. It can also save you a lot of time with cleaning off soiled eggs later on.

When it comes to storing your eggs, it’s best to store them in a carton just like at the store. We carry egg cartons by Miller Manufacturing the next time you need to stock up! Once you’ve got them in the carton, you should label the carton with the date that you packaged them, as they are only safe for consumption for about a month after packaging. Generally, they last longer when you refrigerate the eggs, but it can depend on whether you wet- or dry-clean the eggs. Wet-cleaned eggs need to be refrigerated while dry-cleaned eggs can be stored at both room temperature or in your refrigerator.

If you are ever in doubt whether an egg is spoiled or safe for consumption, you can always conduct the float test! If an egg floats in a glass or bowl of water, it is likely to be spoiled and should be composted.

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