6 Steps To Safely Clean Your Gutters

Where did summer go?! Now that it's September, school is back, the nights are getting cooler, and it's time to start thinking about fall clean-up. One of the most daunting and dangerous tasks of this time of year is cleaning out your gutters. You have to get up on a ladder and hope that you don't fall and break something! Well, we're here to help with some tips to help make your experience easier.

1. One of the first and easiest things you should do is let someone you live with—and/or a neighbor—know that you will be up on the ladder cleaning the gutters. You should always take as many precautions as possible to prevent injury, but if the worst comes to pass at least you have people who can come check on you!

2. Use a fiberglass ladder. They are the sturdiest known ladders to use when you are going to be high up, whether you're using a four-legged ladder or a two-legged extension ladder. It is recommended that you use a four-legged ladder if your home is only one story, or use a two-legged extension ladder if your home is multiple stories. Lastly, it is beneficial to use a ladder that has a shelf utilized on the stairs for a 5 gallon bucket or bin for debris. Alternatively, you could set up a tarp below you to dump debris on to, and then scrape the debris into the bucket from the tarp once you're done. Ultimately, you want to keep all the junk off your lawn!

3. Make sure that your ladder is sturdy. Check for dents, defects, loose screws and other parts. Just a small tip in the ladder can be enough to throw you off the ladder and create a dangerous situation.

4. Wear thick gloves. If you have rodents scampering through your gutters or birds perching on them, there's a good chance there's bird or rodent feces in your gutters, which can harbor a ton of bacteria. For your own health it's a good idea to wear some form of gloves while you're cleaning out the gutters. However, just some flimsy old gloves won't work if you have old gutters that have seen better days. Any sharp, ragged edges could cut through poorly constructed gloves. Check out our line of high quality leather gloves at your local Rural King Supply! We carry brands ranging from Carhartt to Wells Lamont.

5. Wear eye protection. You never know what could come out of the gutter while you're cleaning, especially if it's particularly clogged up. Birds, chipmunks, frogs, wasps... Any small animal that might call your gutters home could try to attack you as they flee, which also enforces the importance of gloves as well. We also carry eye protection products at each of our locations, stop on in if you need a pair!

6. Lastly, consider wearing rubber boots. This is especially important if you need to climb onto your roof. Rubber has the greatest adherence rate of shoe materials, so to prevent accidents rubber is your best bet. Check out our range of rubber boots in stock, from Muck to LaCrosse to Itasca, we've got the boots you need!